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Status: hiatus
Last Updated: 2015-08-03

Card Worth: 53
Card Count: 58


x5   x4

Birthday Cake!

Member Cards

hotaru kerri mirai samichan sujini

Activity Log

- Birthday Coupon Redemption: 3 fame, 2 coupons, tinkerbell201, tinkerbell203, tinkerbell204, tinkerbell205, fairytales01
- Star (grey): fairytales04, studentcouncil23, monsterhigh20, 1 Fame
- Feed Yuki (savory): carnelian119, soma20

- Updates: sos01, sos07, sos15, 2 choice coupons, cradle01, muse01, falling01

- Feed Yuki (sweet): planets18, shards19, studentcouncil21
- Feed Yuki (other): deathgame05, sasshi20
- Puzzle Series (end): divinemove220, northside24, theguardian07, 1 coupon
- Puzzle Series: crusnik119, studentcouncil15
- Puzzle Series: sevencolors04, thebelow07
- Puzzle Series: exorcists113, photograph01
- Puzzle Series: detective114, falselove06
- Freebies: hinamizawa13, inverted04, inwinter12, oddsandends103
- Slots (2 matches): princesses22, umbrella21
- War (Lose): armband02
- Pickpocket: cephiro207, energynede14
- Lottery: heartegg105, lightmusic23, tinkerbell221
- starter pack: sos05, sos08, sos11, dreamworld116, blackmail13, orion21, jewel11, checkmate24, blastia15, demonking202

Trade Log

- Traded sujini: my exorcists113 for cradle09

- Traded Mirai: my hinamizawa13, inverted04, inwinter12, northside24, oddsandends103, umbrella21 for cradle05, cradle13, cradle16, dreamworld121, dreamworld125, tinkerbell202

- Traded Samichan: my divinemove220 for sos06

- Traded Hotaru: my demonking202 for sos12

- Traded Mousey: my theguardian07, photograph01 for sos10, detective104

- Traded Roax: my blastia15 for lightmusic06