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Status: active
Last Updated: 2015-09-30

Card Worth: 616
Card Count: 601


akihabara01 akihabara06 akihabara08 akihabara10 akihabara11 akihabara13 akihabara15 akihabara17 azalea09 azalea12 bamboo03 bamboo10 bonodori02 bonodori02 bonodori03 bonodori06 bonodori06 bonodori06 bonodori08 bonodori08 bonodori09 bonodori12 bonodori13 bonodori14 bonodori14 bonodori17 bonodori19 bonodori20 bonodori20 gachapon08 geishas01 geishas01 geishas04 geishas05 geishas05 geishas06 geishas08 geishas09 geishas11 geishas13 geishas17 geishas20 getas01 getas02 getas09 getas17 greentea02 greentea14 greenteaicecream01 greenteaicecream01 greenteaicecream01 greenteaicecream02 greenteaicecream06 greenteaicecream12 greenteaicecream14 greenteaicecream15 greenteaicecream19 greenteaicecream20 gyoza08 himejicastle01 himejicastle04 himejicastle17 himejicastle19 himejicastle20 ikebana03 ikebana16 ikebana17 ikebana18 karaage01 karaage04 karaage06 karaage11 karaage12 karaage13 karaage15 karaage17 karaage19 katsudon01 katsudon03 katsudon05 katsudon15 katsudon17 katsudon18 konpeito01 konpeito02 konpeito03 konpeito04 konpeito12 konpeito14 konpeito16 konpeito20 kyaraben01 kyaraben02 kyaraben03 kyaraben04 kyaraben08 kyaraben10 kyaraben17 matchapudding01 matchapudding02 mochi02 mochi03 mochi07 mochi12 mochi13 mochi19 mountfuji01 mountfuji02 mountfuji05 noriben02 noriben11 oden17 okonomiyaki01 okonomiyaki04 okonomiyaki05 okonomiyaki08 okonomiyaki11 okonomiyaki15 origami01 origami02 origami03 origami03 origami08 origami16 origami18 pocky01 pocky03 pocky04 pocky05 pocky06 pocky07 pocky11 pocky14 pocky16 pocky17 pocky18 pocky19 pocky20 ramen01 ramen02 ramen04 ramen06 ramen09 ramen14 ramen15 ramen16 ramen18 ramen19 ramen20 redcrownedcrane01 redcrownedcrane04 redcrownedcrane05 redcrownedcrane07 redcrownedcrane08 redcrownedcrane12 redcrownedcrane14 redcrownedcrane15 redcrownedcrane20 redpanda01 redpanda02 redpanda03 redpanda04 redpanda08 redpanda08 redpanda16 sake01 sake02 sake05 sake06 sake09 sake09 sake13 sake15 sake17 sake18 sake20 sakura01 sakura01 sakura02 sakura03 sakura03 sakura04 sakura05 sakura12 sakura16 sakura17 samurai11 samurai15 samurai16 samurai18 sashimi06 sikadeer02 sikadeer03 sikadeer04 sikadeer05 sikadeer06 sikadeer07 sikadeer08 sikadeer09 sikadeer10 sikadeer14 sikadeer15 sikadeer16 sikadeer17 sikadeer18 snowmonkey01 snowmonkey02 snowmonkey04 snowmonkey08 snowmonkey11 snowmonkey12 snowmonkey15 snowmonkey16 sukiyaki01 sukiyaki05 sukiyaki07 sukiyaki09 sukiyaki10 sukiyaki17 sushi01 sushi16 sushi16 sweetlolita12 taiyaki01 taiyaki01 taiyaki01 taiyaki05 taiyaki06 taiyaki09 taiyaki10 taiyaki11 taiyaki15 taiyaki15 taiyaki17 taiyaki19 takoyaki06 takoyaki07 tanuki01 tanuki02 tanuki05 tanuki06 tanuki09 tanuki09 tanuki14 tanuki17 tanuki19 tempura01 tempura07 tempura08 tempura09 tempura13 tempura13 tempura15 tempura16 tempura20 torii05 torii07 torii10 torii12 torii13 torii18 ufocatchers13 ufocatchers16 ufocatchers20 wasabi01 wasabi03 wasabi05 wasabi08 wasabi09 wasabi11 wasabi12 wasabi17 wasabi17 events01 mfanime13